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A Childs Garden of Manners by Riggs Tommy A Christmas Carol by Basil Rathbone
Adventures Beyond the Sky by Jerome Meyer Adventures of Bubble and Squeak - by Stanley Carlson
Adventures of the Lone Ranger by George Trendle (4) Aesop's Fables 1 by Jerry Marlowe (2 tales)
Aesop's Fables 2 by The Hanky-Pank Players (5 tales) Aesop's Fables 3 by The Hanky-Pank Players (5 tales)
A Kiddie Korncert 1 by The Korn Kobblers (4 tales) A Kiddie Korncert 2 by The Korn Kobblers (4 tales)
Aladdin and his Magic Lamp by Rose Norman Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrroll
Arfie the Doggie in the Window by Patti Page  
Babar by Frank Luther Baby Snooks by Fanny Brice  (6 tales)
Bertram and the Baby Dinosaur by Paul Wing Bertram and the Flying Horse
Bible Stories for Children Bible Stories 1 The Seven Days by Jon Arthur
Bible Stories 2 The First Rainbow Bible Stories 3 The Tallest Building in the World
Bible Stories 4 The Boy Who Fought a Giant Bible Stories 5 Strange Tale of Nebuchadnezzar
Bible Stories 6 The Story of Esther by Jon Arthur Bill and Coo by Elizabeth Walters
Billy on a Bike by Vaughn Monroe Bongo by Dinah Shore
Boomer the Bass Drum by Dick Baker Bozo and his Rocket Ship by Alan Livingston
Bozo and the Birds by Alan Livingston Bozo at the Circus by Alan Livingston
Bozo at the Dog Show by Alan Livingston Bozo Under the Sea by Alan Livingston
Brave Little Tailor by Harold Peary Br'er Rabbit is a Fisherman by Sterling Holloway
Br'er Rabbit Raises a Dust by Sterling Holloway Bugs Bunny and Aladdins Lamp by Mel Blanc
Bugs Bunny and Rabbit Seasoning by Mel Blanc Bugs Bunny and the Grow Small Juice by Mel Blanc
Bugs Bunny in Storyland by Mel Blanc Build Me a House by Norman Rose
By Rocket to the Moon by Raymond Scott Buzzy Bear and Peggy Penguin by Glenda Farrell
Captain Bill Meets Feary OLeary by Don Doolittle Captain Kidds Cats by Columbia Childrens Music-Story
Carrot Seed by Norman Rose Case of the Midnight Marauder by Jim Ameche
Cask of Amontillado by Sidney Greenstreet Cherub the Chick by Vernon Crane
Childcraft The Hare and the Tortoise (4 tales) Children's Tex Ritter Stories 1 by Tex Ritter (4 tales)
Children's Tex Ritter Stories 2 by Tex Ritter (4 tales) Chirpy Cricket by Daws Butler and Tip Corning
Christmas Party by Two Ton Baker (2 tales) Childrens Opry House by The Merry Go Sound Players
Cinderella by Jeanette MacDonald Creepy the Crawly Caterpillar by Norman Rose
Chug Chug in Lollypop Town by Sonovox Colonnas Trolley by Jerry Colonna
Daffy Ducks Feathered Friend by Mel Blank Deep is the Well by Rev M Helfen
Destination Moon by Tom Reddy Dick Whittington and his Cat by Paul Wing
Dragon and his Grandmother by Earle Ross Dumbo by Shirley Temple
Eagle and the Thrush by Algernon Black Edward the Dignified Monkey by Vernon Crane
Egbert the Easter Egg by Mervin Shiner Elmer Elephant by Don Wilson
Elves and the Shoemaker with Robert Bailey as Uncle Bob Erbert and the Pirate by Roland Winters
Erberts Appy Birthday by Roland Winters  


Fisherman and the Flounder with Robert Bailey Flick the Little Fire Engine by Robert Dann
Flying Mouse - The by Don Wilson Foodini Goes A Huntin by Jerry and Jeanette Lynn
Foodinis Trip to the Moon by Jerry and Jeanette Lynn Fun with Instruments by Frances Horwich
Fuzzy Wuzzy by Rosemary Clooney  
Genie the Magic Record by Peter Lind Hayes George Washington Rabbit by Martha Blair Fox
Gerald McBoing Boing by Harold Peary Guffy the Goofy Gobbler by Gene Autry
Gossamer Wump by Frank Morgan Grimm's Fairy Tales 1 by The Hanky Pank Players (5)
Grimm's Fairy Tales 2 by The Hanky Pank Players (5) Grumpy Shark by Bob Bellem and Marvin Miller
Hansel and Gretel by Harold Peary Hansel and Gretel by Richard Hayes
Happy Habits by Waymond Wadcwiff (6 tales) Happy Grasshopper by Daws Butler and Tip Corning
Happy Prince - The by Orson Welles Herman Ermine in Rabbit Town by John Garfield
Herman the Littlest Locomotive by Vernon Crane HMS Pinafore by Roger White
Hopalong Cassidy and the Singing Bandit by Bill Boyd Howdy Doodys Christmas Party by Bob Smith
I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat by Mel Blanc Ichabod by Bing Crosby
Inkas the Ramferinkas by Pinky Lee and the Mellomen It's Fun to Be Neat by Sylvia and Murray Winant
It's Fun to Eat by Sylvia and Murray Winant (3) Irving The Unemployed Horse by Allan Melvin
Jack and Homer the Horse by Paul Tripp Jack and the Beanstalk 1 by Hugo Peretti
Jack and the Beanstalk 2 by Bill Adams Joey the Jeep by Gloria Swanson
Johnny Stranger by Ray Middleton Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling Narrated by Sabu
Legend of the Christmas Rose by Ireene Wicker Lets Play Aeroplan - Produced by Helen Myres
Lets Play Fire Engine - Produced by Helen Myres Lets Play Telephone - Produced by Helen Myres
Lets Play Train - Produced by Helen Myres Little Black Sambo by Paul Wing
Little Black Sambo and the Twins by Paul Wing Little Black Sambo's Jungle Band by Paul Wing
Little Gnawman by Dr George Rockwell Little Johnny Pilgrim by Gene Autry
Little Orley by Lumpy Brannum (4 tales) Little Orleys Big Concert by Lumpy Brannum
Little Peoples Band in Forestland by Sonovox Little Red Hen by Gene Kelly
Little Red Riding Hood by David Allen Lonesome Octopus by Marvin Miller
Long Name No Can Say by Paul Wing Lost Horizon with Ronald Colman as Hugh Conway
Luke the Singing Duck by David Kurlan  
Madeline by Nelson Olmsted and Tex Antoine (4) Magesto the Magician by Peter Donald
Manners Can Be Fun by Frank Luther Maxie the Taxi by Eddie Cantor
Merry Christmas from Dennis the Menace by Paul Parnes Mr I Magination Meets Rip Van Winkle by Paul Tripp
Mr Toad by Basil Rathbone Molly Whuppie by John Cronan
Moses in the Bulrushes by Claude Rains  
Noisy Eater by Jerry Lewis  
Pan the Piper by Paul Wing Pat and the Pixies by Jerry Bartell
Paul Bunyan by Ralph Camargo Pecos Bill by Roy Rogers
Peter Churchmouse by Paul Wing Peter Pan by Miriam Wolfe, Jean Arthur and Boris Karloff
Pied Piper by Denise Bryer Pony Boy by Stuart Wayne
Puss in Boots by Uncle Bill Adams & The Lets Pretenders  


Rapunzel by Dame May Whitty Rapunzel by Paul Wing
Rip Van Winkle by Walter Huston Robin Hood by Nestor Paiva
Rob Roy by Art Gilmore Rum De Diddle by Roger White
Rumplestiltskin by Roland Winters Rusty in Orchestraville - Talkinging Sounds by Sonovox
Rusty the Rocking Horse & Bucky Bronco by Gene Autry  
Sally the Runaway Monkey by Marvin Miller Samson and the Lion by Ed Colmans
Santas Kewtee Bear by Alan Reed Selfish Giant by Fredric March
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 1 by Paul Sutton Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 2 by Paul Sutton
Seven at a Blow by The Merry-Go-Sound Players Snow Goose by Herbert Marshall and Cast
So Dear to My Heart by John Beal Sorcerers Apprentice by Milton Cross
Space Patrol Adventures No1 by Dick Tufeld Space Ship to Mar with Paul Tripp as Mr I Magination
Sparky and the Talking Train by Sonovox Sparky's Magic Baton - Synthesized Sound by Sonovox
Sparky's Magic Echo - Synthesized Sound by Sonovox Sparky's Magic Piano - Synthesized Sound by Sonovox
Sparkle Plenty Birthday Party by Ben Aronin Stampede by by Gene Autry and Supporting Cast
Story of Jesus as told by Claude Rains  
Tale of a Christmas Stocking by Ireene Wicker Tales of Uncle Remus by James Baskett and Original Cast
Tarzan and the Talking Gorillas by Edward Arno The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Paul Wing
The Adventures of Pinocchio by Uncle Henry The Bear That Wasnt by Keenan Wynn
The Churkendoose by Ray Bolger The House at Pooh Corner by Robert Shaw
The Lady in Blues Magic Carpet by June Winters The Little Engine That Could by Paul Wing
The Little Fiddle by Danny Kaye The Little Gray Pony by Martha Blair Fox
The Little Tune That Ran Away by Peter Lind Hayes The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Ingrid Bergman
The Prettiest Song in the World by Dame May Whitty The Pride of Kentucky by Allan by Irving Melvin
The Princess and the Pea by Robert Bailey The Rollicking Roller Skates by Vernon Crane
The Sheep and the Pig by Gudrun Thorne Thomsen The Shoemaker and the Elves by Gene Kelly
The Story of the Nativity by Gene Autry The Three Cornered Hat by Art Gilmore
The Three Feathers by Earle Ross The Town Musicians of Bremen by Earle Ross
The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Russ Case The Ugly Duckling by Norman Prescott
The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met - Nelson Eddy The Whistler and his Dog by Jerry Marlowe
There Was a Crooked Man by Roy Hallee Thumbelina and Little Train A-Chuggin by Jimmy Boyd
Tickety Tock by Knox Manning Tick Tock Tale by Paul Creston
Tiger by Merrill E Joels Tom and Jerry at the Circus by Francis De Sales
Tom Thumb by Barry Thomson Toy Time by Sylvia and Murray Winant
Train to the Zoo by Norman Rose Tubby the Tuba by Victor Jory
Tweet and Toot by Mel Blank Tweety Pie by Mel Blank
Tyl and his Merry Pranks by Sterling Holloway  
Uncle Don on the Farm by Uncle Don Uncle Dons Play-land by Uncle Don
Uncle Remus Stories by Norman Cordon Uncle Wiggily by Paul Wing (4 tales)
Unsuccessful Elf by Paul Wing  
Waltz of the Flowers by Art Gilmore What Are Stars by Robinson MacLean
When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter by Anne Lloyd Whizzer the Talking Airplane - Speech by Sonovox
Why Do I Have to Go to Sleep by Robert Dwan Why the Chimes Rang by Ted Malone
Willie and Hannibal in Mouseland by Jack Carson Wonderful Tar Baby by Sterling Holloway
Woody Woodpecker and Davy Crockett by Mel Blanc Woody Woodpecker and the Lost Monkey by Mel Blanc
Woody Woodpecker Talent Show by Mel Blanc  



Old Time Radio Kids and Family Talking Stories

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
Beauty and the Beast Bluebeard
Brother and Sister Ceres and Proserpina
Cinderella Gulliver's Travels
Hansel and Gretel It's a Wonderful Life
Jack and the Beanstalk Jason and the Golden Fleece
Little Women Miracle on 34th Street
One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes Pinocchio
Popeye and Gang at the Zoo Popeye and the Giant
Popeye Meets Robin Hood Rip Van Winkle
Sleeping Beauty Snow White
The Bremen Town Musicians The Emperors New Clothes
The Gingerbread Man The Golden Fleece
The Little Prince The Nativity
The Snow Queen The Three Bears
The Three Billy Goats Gruff The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Ugly Duckling The Wizard of Oz
Treasure Island Troll Song
Tubby the Tuba  




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